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Produce Clean

Developed Specifically for Cleaning Fruit and Vegetables


Ideal for Cleaning Petrochemical and Other Residues from Produce Surfaces Without Toxic Chemical Cleaners

A New Concept in Cleaning

EcoStar Produce Clean removes petrochemical and other residues from the surface of fruit and vegetables, and leaves surfaces clean of films that contain chemicals and soil. EcoStar Produce Clean is tested and proven to clean both hard fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy produce, of unwanted materials and leaves no residue behind to impact flavor. EcoStar Produce Clean is ideal for use in the food processing industry and for fresh produce.

Made from kelp and other natural organic ingredients for safe use, EcoStar Produce Clean is able to replace chemical cleaners without sacrificing effectiveness due to the unique synergistic action of four components: a bacterial stimulant, a biodegradable active surface agent, a chelating agent and a suspending agent. The unique wetting and suspending agents enable EcoStar Produce Clean to penetrate pores and clean deeper by bringing particles to the surface. When rinsed properly, the surface will be cleaner than ever before.

Product Details

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