Developed Specifically for Cleaning Aluminum Surfaces


Ideal for Cleaning Aluminum Surfaces Without Acids or Caustic Chemical Cleaners

A New Concept in Cleaning

Made from kelp and other natural organic ingredients, EcoStar Aluminum is able to replace acid cleaners due to the unique synergistic action of four components: a bacterial stimulant, a biodegradable active surface agent, a chelating agent and a suspending agent. This process removes oxidation from the surface, and leaves the surface clean of oil by turning it into carbon dioxide, water and simple salts for safe environmental disposal. The unique wetting and suspending agents enable EcoStar Aluminum to penetrate pores and clean deeper by bringing particles to the surface. When rinsed properly, the surface will be cleaner than ever before. EcoStar Aluminum may be reused until sudsing action ceases when agitated. To increase its life and cleaning ability, a filtration system can be used to remove contaminants.

Product Details

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