Developed Specifically for Cleaning Electronic Circuits


Cleans Delicate Electrical Circuits While Maintaining the Integrity of the Surfaces Involved

A New Concept in Cleaning

EcoStar Electronics was developed specifically for cleaning electronic circuits. EcoStar Electronics can clean a wide range of circuits to a desired contaminant level while maintaining the integrity of the various materials involved. It leaves undisturbed the coded designations on the various components. EcoStar Electronics is a non-toxic replacement for CFC’s and acids used in the electronics industry. EcoStar Electronics is an organic formulation containing chelating and suspending agents designed for general cleaning and decontamination purposes. The chelating agents help remove scale and loosely adhering deposits in order to achieve a totally clean surface. This action is complemented by the suspending agents which prevent the redeposition of the contaminants. This makes for a free rinsing feature. EcoStar Electronics os environmentally safe and requires no special disposal, storage or removal because it is non-toxic. EcoStar Electronics is able to break down a variety of materials to accelerate natural processes. It is easily applied by spraying, brushing or wiping on any surface or it may also be used as a dip solution.

Product Details

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